“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw

    Communication Coaching in Sydney

    Harnessing the power of language to deliver your message
    with ease…


    • Communicating with ease and therefore avoiding ‘stuck for words’ scenarios
    • Acquiring the ability to communicate well, even in challenging situations
    • Building rapport effortlessly when you meet someone, establishing trust and a firm foundation
    • Learning to influence and negotiate with integrity, authenticity and finesse
    • Developing a crystal clear personal communication style
    • Feeling confident across a range of situations
    • Moving on from perceived communication ‘disasters’ and regaining a sense of composure, purpose and direction

    Talkingminds’ communication coaching in Sydney can assist you to achieve all of this and much more. You’ll learn what sets excellent personal communicators apart from the ‘average’.

    Excellent communicators:

    • Seek first to understand and then to be understood (we attribute this gem to Steven Covey)
    • Are fascinated and curious about those around them
    • Appreciate that we all process information and language differently
    • Will flexibly adapt their communications so that they appeal to and reach a wide audience
    • Can build personal rapport quickly and effortlessly (it’s not just about being liked by the way!)
    • Can move from conflict to resolution whilst maintaining calmness
    • Are charismatic and leave a lasting impression even if delivering the dullest of messages

    An overview of Talkingminds’ communication coaching

    Our communication coaching sessions in Sydney are conducted on an individual basis or in some cases with groups of up to 6 people. Larger or corporate trainings are available by request but we prefer to keep groups small to maximise individual outcomes. Your individual communication style and strengths are assessed, which allows for the personal coaching to be tailored to best meet your needs and to reach those outcomes most relevant to you.

    You’ll be coached in the following communication core skill areas:

    • Presuppositions of excellent communication (that is the non-negotiable rules of good communication)
    • Rapport Essentials: How to build rapid rapport with a range of people through matching, mirroring and breathing based on the NLP representational systems; visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and auditory digital
    • ‘The Charisma Model’ and how to map the key components to develop your compelling style
    • Negotiation and conflict resolution
    • Leadership and communication

    Talkingminds Communication Coaching is based on the art and science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as leading communication, success coaching and behavioural theories. Our approach is a grounded and authentic approach. Forget the ‘quick fix’ guides to good communication. We want to coach authentic individuals seeking a high sense of integrity in their personal and professional lives. Our communication coaching is tailored to suit your individual or group needs. Our Communication Coaching includes a complimentary pre-coaching assessment, custom designed program and comprehensive workbook- plus we will follow up with you to assess your progress. There’s no sense of being left in the dark without a person or resource to turn to.

    There are some excellent training programs and workshops provided by other coaching and training organisations. It’s important though to ensure you receive some one-on-one attention and adequate post training follow up.

    Personal communication coaching fees

    Currently our communication coaching programs are offered predominantly by Trudy Wilson (our Founder and Principal Therapist).

    Our personal coaching fees are below most industry rates and include outcome tracking, as well as post-coaching follow up which are an important aspect of the programs we offer. The coaching program has been developed as a set length of 7 x 90 minute sessions to maximise the benefits attained. It is psycho educational and experiential in format. Individual sessions of a lesser duration are not available at this time and we have not found ad- hoc sessions cover the topic adequately.

    To take your communication skills to the next level, contact us now for an obligation free discussion. For more ways we can help you, including life coaching, our Sydney  therapists are trained to assist with a range of concerns. Please view our services page.

    **Please note, our coaching services are designed for individuals 18 years and over who have a minimum 2 years full-time work experience.

    2022 Update

    The demand for communication coaching services is exceptionally high. In 2021 we developed an online communication coaching course to meet this demand. We continue to have spaces available in the program in Camden- for in person- face to face coaching sessions  (south west Sydney/Macarthur region).

    Unfortunately, we are no longer intaking face to face clients in inner west Sydney for this program and regret that we are unable to assist with these enquiries.

    Please complete this form if you would like to be contacted regarding making an appointment at our Camden practice or online via telehealth. Please include your email, telephone number and best contact times to receive a phone call. To protect you privacy, please do not share any detailed personal information relating to why you are seeking help as we cannot respond to this via email. We would be happy to discuss details with you during your initial appointment, after ascertaining the appropriateness of making an appointment for you via telephone.

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