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“If so many men, so many minds, certainly so many hearts, so many kinds of love.” Leo Tolstoy

Relationship Counselling in Sydney

Develop and strengthen your relationship with your partner through Sydney relationship counselling

There are many external and internal factors that can place stress on a relationship, such as parenting, friends and family, careers, illness, infidelity and even financial problems. How a couple approaches these life stressors can have a major impact on the quality and longevity of their relationship.

Whether you are new to a relationship, in a long term relationship or wondering about why you have been unsuccessful in establishing or maintaining a relationship; relationship and couple counselling can be of benefit to you.

Help to recognise and resolve conflicts and improve your relationship with marriage and relationship counselling in Sydney with Talkingminds. In your sessions our Sydney psychologists and counsellors will support you to:

  • Create new and positively bonding emotional events to foster feelings of togetherness
  • Help maintain a sense of intimacy
  • Recognise and align relationship values
  • Improve and enhance communication
  • Recognise negative interaction patterns and how to stop them
  • Stop the projection of blame and take responsibility for the relationship

Relationship counselling and therapy for singles

Many Talkingminds’ clients report feeling stuck in a cycle of one unfulfilling relationship after another. Others report despair about being single when they have been searching for a partner for some time.

Relationship counselling and therapy for singles can help to identify:

  • Limiting patterns (beliefs and behaviours) that create barriers in relationships
  • Relationship values and how to assess these in a potential partner
  • Strategies to overcome shyness and a fear of intimacy
  • Strategies to build trust when trust has been broken in past relationships
  • Communication strategies for negotiating elements of a new relationship

Specialised marriage and relationship counselling in Sydney’s CBD and surrounding areas

Talkingminds provides results-driven relationship counselling and therapy to Sydney couples and singles. From our office in Ultimo, our psychologists, therapists, and counsellors can work with you and your partner to strengthen ties, heal wounds and to help you function more effectively together.

Don’t wait until your relationship or marriage reaches breaking point – instead, get the right help from Talkingminds and contact us today to benefit from our expertise in relationship counselling in Sydney.

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