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Victims of Crime Counselling in inner west/CBD Sydney

February 2020 update

We regret that we are currently unable to provide Victims of Crime Counselling due to staff shortages. We will advise as soon as this service has been reinstated. In the interim, please contact Victims Services for approved counsellors in your location.


If you are the victim of a crime that occurred in NSW, you may be eligible for counselling sessions which are paid for in full by Victims Services, through the Approved Counselling Service (ACS). In some cases, up to 22 hours of counselling may be paid for on your behalf.

At Talkingminds, we can support you if you have been a victim of crime. The types of crimes that may be covered include:

  • family members of homicide victims
  • people who are in violent relationships
  • people who have experienced violence either recently or in the past (can include adult survivors of childhood abuse).

You do not need to have disclosed the crime to another person or have made a report to the police in order to apply for this counselling. In most cases, you will be informed reasonably quickly if your application for assistance has been successful and the staff at Victims Services will support you through this process. You will then be given a list of approved counsellors in Sydney (psychologists, clinical psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists) and you can elect who you see. You can also specify this in your application form (e.g. if you have chosen an approved counsellor prior to making your application).

It is necessary that you contact this service and apply directly to them for approval for the free counselling sessions.

For more information, please contact Victim’s Services, Victim Access Line or call 1800 633 063.

**Please note, all victims of crime (regardless of where and when the crime was perpetrated) are welcome to contact Talkingminds for counselling and therapy. If you prefer or are able to pay for your therapy and counselling yourself, you do not need to make an application to Victims Services and can choose to see another member of the Talkingminds team. You may qualify for a Medicare rebate through the Better Access to Mental Health Care Scheme (whereby you can claim a Medicare rebate of up to 10 sessions per year with a referral and Mental Health Treatment Plan from a General Practitioner, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician). Alternatively, you can attend as a private client and do not need a referral (for some therapy a private health rebate may apply).

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