• Workcover & CTP Psychological & Counselling Services

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WorkCover and CTP Psychological and Counselling Services

**Please note, there is an extended waiting list/wait time for CTP/Work Cover sessions

Some Talkingminds, psychological services are available under Work Cover and also through the Motor Accident Commission (MAC), CTP. Our experienced inner west Sydney based psychologists and counsellors can provide you with support in these areas.

Your sessions will require pre approval from your insurer or workplace insurer who will approve the relevant number of sessions. Sessions can only commence once this approval has been established.

Psychological treatment funded through your insurer or workplace insurer is focussed specifically on rehabilitation from the injury sustained. Treatment reports and phone contact usually occur between your workplace or CTP insurer’s case manager, your General Practitioner and your treating psychologist or therapist.

Please telephone us on 9114 9977 to speak about your funding options for treatment and about making an appointment to discuss your treatment options. With appropriate approval, we can provide psychology sessions via telehealth for CTP and Workcover.

Please note, a limited number of our therapists can provide these services and it is important that you check with us first about who is approved at Talkingminds to provide insurance based interventions.

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