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How to refer to Talkingminds

For Referrers: Self, GP and Third Party Referral

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Self Referral

Clients can self refer to Talkingminds.

If you wish to claim a Medicare rebate on sessions, you will need to see your General Practitioner (GP), Psychiatrist or Paediatrician for a referral as part of a Mental Health Treatment Plan. This referral must be in place for you to claim a rebate and referrals cannot be backdated. This will allow you to see a mental health social worker, psychologist or clinical psychologist. It is up to your GP or specialist to assess your eligibility and suitability for referral based on the referral criteria. This referral is recorded on your health record via Medicare. This referral will allow you to claim up to 20 sessions per calendar year in which a Medicare rebate will be reimbursed to you; in most cases about half of the fee or more is rebated as our practice fees are below recommended rates. You will need to ask your GP for a referral letter and copy of your mental health treatment plan and you will need to bring both to your first session.

General Practitioner or Psychiatrist Referrals

Thank you for considering Talkingminds for referral for your patient/s.

Your patient may have already elected to see a particular therapist at Talkingminds.  All clinicians at Talkingminds are approved to provide treatment under the Better Access to Mental Health Care scheme (20 sessions per year).

Please provide a copy of your referral letter and GP Mental Health Treatment Plan to your patient to bring to their first session with us. Please nominate the number of sessions you wish for your patient to attend before their first review or re-referral (up to 6 sessions usually).

Referral letters can be made out specifically to the chosen therapist or can be generically made out to the practice:

‘Dear Trudy Wilson/Mental Health Social Worker’

If you would like to discuss a particular referral, please phone 02 9114 9977. Referrals can be faxed to 02 8915 1727.

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