“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Milton Berle

Private Practice Mentoring and Coaching in Sydney

Suitable for those new to private practice as well as established and successful private practitioners; Talkingminds mentoring and coaching can be a valuable aid in developing and enhancing your private practice.

Unfortunately, most graduates of allied health, mental health, social work and psychology have limited practical and theoretical knowledge about how to operate and successfully manage the business aspects of their private practice. Whilst many are excellent clinicians, often with years of experience under their belts, they may struggle with where to start or who to turn to for advice when they decide to take the exciting step into the world of private practice. This can lead to less than optimum business processes and some may end up working much harder than they need to, to stay afloat. Unfortunately, poor business practice has been shown in some circumstances to decrease client retention and may deter referrers from contacting you. Great clinicians are not always great business operators and at Talkingminds we seek to set to address this important issue.

Talkingminds have been operating in inner western Sydney for over 15 years, constantly refining and reviewing our practice model and procedures and continually referencing best practice models in business development and growth. With a commitment to excellence, Talkingminds’ comprehensive psychological, psychotherapeutic and social work services are a gem of inner western Sydney. We believe in the power of establishing networks of support and genuinely believe there are enough clients and opportunities to share (the fear of scarcity will shut down or prevent many practices from succeeding).

Talkingminds’ private practice mentoring and coaching may be able to assist you in the following key areas:

  • Establishing the feasibility of your private practice (for those new to private practice or those considering taking this step).* (see notes)
  • Exploring the fundamentals of private practice set up and establishment
  • Marketing, advertising and practice promotion, including carving your niche or area of special interest
  • Motivation, momentum building and systems management
  • Issues associated with slow or rapid business growth
  • Inspiration and tips for dealing with inevitable obstacles and barriers to growth particularly if setting up or working in a highly ‘clinician saturated’ geographical area
  • Tips for managing workers and colleagues who work in your practice (including support around worker disengagement)
  • Support for established private practitioners who wish to renew their interests and passion for their private practice
  • Support around planned or unplanned absences from your practice (e.g. maternity/paternity leave, holiday leave and illness)
  • Self-care including burnout and vicarious traumatisation prevention
  • Support around issues connected to professional isolation (a common issue for solo practitioners)

Talkingminds’ private practice mentoring and coaching is not a substitute for qualified legal, accounting or financial advice and we encourage all practitioners in private practice to seek their own qualified advice before entering into private practice, either prior to or in conjunction with our coaching and mentoring.

*Although our practice mentoring is suitable for those new to private practice, it is assumed that you have clinical experience (from another sector or work related experience) prior opening your practice (and our mentoring isn’t a substitute for this learning or experience).

Private practice mentoring is available via Zoom (teleconference) for those unable to access our in person consultations in Ultimo (inner west Sydney) or Camden (south west Sydney- Macarthur region).

Please complete this form if you would like to be contacted regarding making an appointment at our Camden practice or online via telehealth. Please include your email, telephone number and best contact times to receive a phone call. To protect you privacy, please do not share any detailed personal information relating to why you are seeking help as we cannot respond to this via email. We would be happy to discuss details with you during your initial appointment, after ascertaining the appropriateness of making an appointment for you via telephone.

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