Psychological and Counselling Telehealth Services

As leaders in psychological, counselling and psychotherapy service provision, Talkingminds are committed to continuity of care, not just during COVID-19 but at ALL TIMES. Australia wide Telehealth Psychology and Counselling Services are Available Now!

We are proud to launch an extensive array of telehealth, phone counselling and online services which include bulk billed psychology sessions. Most of us are using the COVIU platform or other verified telehealth platforms.

Call or email us now about how Talkingminds telehealth services can assist you.

Fear and panic heave lead to decisions that don’t serve people best. Keeping medical, allied health and psychological appointments during the COVID-19 period are crucially important. Psychology Telehealth and online sessions keep you connected.

Telehealth allows you to do so. Disruptions in treatment can lead to poor mental health outcomes which will take time to correct.

Telehealth services have an evidence base and case be just as effective as face to face sessions. Naturally there is an adjustment period, and our team are more than qualified to help you with this.

How can our services help you?

We have 8 key telehealth online and phone psychology, counselling and coaching services. We have one of the most extensive counselling and psychology telehealth services of any service provider in Australia. We think outside the square and know that this is crucial right now.

Our team are experienced, most with 20 or more years’ experience, and skilled in treating anxiety and health related anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, PTSD, grief, stress, adjustment disorders, work stress via our telehealth services. Don’t trust your mental health to an inexperienced team.

Our team consists of psychologists, clinical psychologists and mental health social workers who can provide telehealth services Australia wide.

Our telehealth Services include:

1) Bulk Billing telehealth psychology under Covid-19 Primary Care Program

Not everyone will qualify – please reach out if you think you may do.

Bulk billed psychology and mental health social work telehealth sessions may be available to you.

2) Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Telehealth services

Keep going with your counselling and psychology sessions. Psychology telehealth Australia  can be just as effective online as face to face. You have absolute control of your surroundings. No commute, no travel home! Absolute convenience and some of Australia’s most affordable counselling and psychology fees.

Be proactive!

3) Professional Supervision, Clinical Supervision, Private Practice Mentoring via Telehealth online

4) Health Practitioner Debriefing and Counselling Support. Developed specifically in response to COVID-19

During the COVID-19 crisis we appreciate the amazing response of our frontline medical teams and first responders. If you need to debrief – we have a range of options for you. As fellow allied health practitioners with an acute awareness of the risks of burnout and vicarious trauma we are well placed to respond. We stand with you. Australian medical and front line worker telehealth services are available now.

5) Bespoke Telehealth Employee Assistance Counselling Programs during COVID-19

Tailored to your organisational needs with a specific focus on COVID-19. Suitable for small, medium or corporates with a focus on:

  • retaining a functional workforce
  • decreasing anxiety
  • remote worker well being (motivation, task focus etc)
  • remote conflict resolution, team building, motivation

6) Better Access Telehealth services for people in rural and remote area

7)Small business Telehealth counselling support and psychological counselling during COVID-19

As business owners ourselves we can uniquely relate the unique pressures that SME’s face during uncertain times.  Your mental health and well-being matter at all times, not only during Covid-19.

In trying times, we pull out all stops. Remaining focussed and prepared are keys to getting through stressful times. Personal coaching. counselling and psychotherapy can help you survive the psychological impacts of coronavirus COVID-19.

8) Mental Health Services and Psychology Counselling Support for Bushfire Response. Trauma informed care

In Australia, we are acutely aware that one crisis and trauma has barely passed before we are overwhelmed by another- COVID-19. Talkingminds are committed to providing psychological services to first responders and those affected by the recent bushfires. First responders will be bulk billed and our fees are very reasonable for all others (and a medicare rebate may apply).


Not sure which telehealth service suits you?  Not a worry- call or email us anytime.

All questions are good questions. We want to help if we can! Ask away!

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Talkingminds- Committed to Continuity of Care during COVID-19